La Prunelle de Troyes

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La Prunelle de Troyes

Saint-Pierre Distillery: to be discovered during your hotel stay

The Troyes Prunelle: a historic liqueur

Made from the kernels of small, wild plums known as blackthorn or sloe, the Prunelle de Troyes liqueur won a gold medal at the World Fair in Paris in 1900. This liqueur has been produced in the Cellier Saint-Pierre Distillery, near ACE Hotel Troyes, ottpposite Troyes Cathedral since 1840. Dating back to the XII century, this cellar is the only one to survive the fires of 1188 and 1524. The history-laden stones became the work of canons who devotedly produced this liqueur away from the hubbub of the city.

Found at: Discover the Troyes prunelle liqueur at the Cellier Saint-Pierre, 15 minutes from our ACE Hotel Troyes.

Cellier Saint-Pierre
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