Troyes City Guide


Troyes: a city to discover during your hotel stay

Troyes: dive into history

The former capital of the Counts of Champagne is unarguably rich in extraordinary treasures. The city centre, located near ACE Hotel, in the shape of a champagne cork, is home to an exceptional architectural heritage. The narrow streets that sometimes make it difficult to get walk past one another, the half-timbered houses that date back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, are what give the city its incredible charm. City of art and history, Troyes delights the eyes and arouses curiosity at every step.

Lose yourself, completely immerse yourself in history. Hotel du Lion Noir, Ruelle des Chats, Maison du Boulanger, Tourelle de l’Orfèvre, Rue Champaux… and if you look up at n° 3 Rue Charbonnet, you will be in a position to complete the maxim inscribed on the beams: “Trust in yourself, listen, look, reflect and…

Further information :
Office de Tourisme de Troyes
16 Rue Aristide Briand
10000 TROYES